Starting To Talk With Your Teens

Communicating with a teen can be tricky. They do not always want you to know what they are doing or thinking, these are closed off teens. While other teens will tell you all you want to know and all you have to do is find the right questions and listen. These are open teens.

The first issue is finding out which teen you have. If you have a closed off teen you will need to be creative to get the information you seek. If you have an open teen creating the time open ears are two essentials. Being willing to have nothing off limits is important we well. Believe when I say there were times I wanted to say-oh no, I do not want to hear this, but I did not. Just be careful, you may hear more than you ever wanted to know.

Communication take place when the pressure if off. My kids and I have been in the car, I pulled into a parking lot and we sat and talked. Other times they needed me to be busy and not look them in the eye to get their story out – that was okay too, I kept driving. When kids say they need to talk try your best not to put them off, or you may never find out what they wanted to say.

Prayer is the most important element of all!!!! The Holy Spirit is a good tattle tale when it’s needed. Stay in constant communication with the Holy Spirit.

A Fellow Parent

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